Graphic design & prepress of printed materials and complete project management of production processes.


Graphic design, layout design, editing, image processing and prepress for book, magazine, calendar, art album or catalog


Design and production of billboards, leaflets, and promotional gift items, newspaper advertisements, and outdoor advertising

Exhibition, event

Preparation of a stand plan and graphic design for expo events, on request we can also handle the production with our subcontracting partner

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Our task was the design of the overall layout including the header, the cover page, and the thematic articles.
Also, we did the visual renewal of permanent layouts from time to time and integrated new themes into the original appearance.

In addition to designing and editing the article pages, handling changes and corrections, and basic image processing (color profile and level correction), we also used advanced image retouching, masking, and coloring in many cases.

After the material is completing prepress and handed over to being printed, we convert the issue to be suitable for digital appearance.

The Quarterly Historical Magazine has been published since 2010, occasionally in 148 pages. The issues are enriched by thematic appendices of 32-70 pages several times a year. Among the quarterly issues, there are several more special issues being published as well.


prototípus tervezés


During the development of the creative concept, we propose a visual appearance of the ad, which is followed by the approval of the master version. We make different sizes of the ad for each medium, taking into account individual technical needs. The medium can be a billboard, a newspaper advertisement, or an indoor and outdoor advertising space of any size and material.


On the installation surfaces, we mainly use vinyl cutting or large, self-adhesive prints. In the case of events, temporary or traveling exhibitions we recommend laminated foam boards, or prefabricated carriers, like the use of rollups or background walls.
To make the complex locations more clear to imagine, we use 3D visual designs.

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